AI, Chatbots & eLearning Development Services

AI, Chatbots & eLearning Development Services

Creating new ways to sell and serve

Our team of Artificial Intelligence developers design, build and customize AI-driven systems to help you complete your project quickly and affordably.

Our AI-focused developers augment customer service workflows using the latest technology. We create advanced customer data analytics and conversational agents to improve customer service, including chatbots, voice-first interfaces, cognitive assistants, contextual recommendations, and intelligent self-service options.

Our AI technology helps organizations identify sales opportunities, retain existing customers and improve customer experience. We provide a cloud-based platform that helps organizations maximize acquisition, retention and brand relevance using AI algorithms in sales forecasting, customer segmentation and lead scoring.

We help your business accelerate its AI adoption by enabling you to integrate top machine learning software APIs, such as Amazon SageMaker, Google Dialogflow and TensorFlow within your existing IT infrastructure.

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